Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Eight Goals for 2008

I did mean to post this yesterday, but it ended up a bit of a disaster of a day. We spent the night in the city and left the dogs at home (after giving them dinner, a bone, and one of them some valium). We got back to find one of them waiting for us in the driveway (our front yard isn't enclosed at all, and the dogs had been left in the back) and the other one missing. We spent half the day wandering the streets, phoning animal shelters and councils (which were closed) and then I rang the local emergency center who had seen him (but his microchip hadn't worked! Grrr) but he'd then been taken to the pound. They managed to get him back to them where we picked him up.

Apparently Barney had been picked up at the end of the street and had followed someone home, played with their dog and swam in their pool before the second lot of fireworks started (I think that's why they escaped) when they put him in their cubby and he had a sleep. So Barney actually had a great time. Poor Deefa (who would have only followed Barney) was stuck out in the hot weather all night without water. We've just changed the lock on the gate so it closes automatically, otherwise Deefa would probably have been sleeping in the garage. So Barney is getting a brand new microchip tomorrow. Naughty boy!

Anyway, I thought I better have some goals for 2008, so here they are:

1. Comment more on blogs/projects/images etc. Partly I don't do this because I read Bloglines at work, so I figure the more websites I go to the badder I am, but when I'm looking at stuff at home I'm going to make an effort to comment more. Most of it is just laziness really.

2. Keep a creative journal. I'm not sure how well this one will go, I've tried it before, but I'll do my best. I'm not going to put any pressure on myself for daily writing or anything, but I think it will be useful.

3. Get a shower timer. I should stop assuming I'm having short enough showers and actually measure it.

4. Complete some stuff I started this year - TAST, the 12 inch square CAL (only one of these to do and then combine everything). Also use some of the supplies I have.

5. Challenge myself creatively. This may include large projects, new skills etc.

6. Read another 15 books from my list (see previous post). Read over 100 books in the year.

7. Make some plans for an overseas trip in 2009 and bludgeon politely ask others to join me.

8. Take a bit of time out to think about where I'm going etc.

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