Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cute little wristlet

I made a little wristlet to go with my dress and jewelry. I figured that adding a bit of black to my bag and jewelry would mean I could wear black shoes.

I made it from a great U-handblog tute - the 'Rather Cheeky' Wristlet Clutch, which was really clear and easy to follow.

Wedding Jewelry

So I've got my friends wedding later today and I've ended up making most of what I am wearing, which was pretty cool. You've already seen my Frou Frou, so here's my jewelry.

It's a bit chunkier than what I'd usually wear but I ended up happy with it, although I did buy other beads and crystals before I decided I liked this arrangement best. I think I may have to start making a big effort to use more of my beads rather than buy new ones...but they're so pretty!

12 inch CAL: May easy square

See, almost up to date with the CAL. Although in two days there will be another two to catch up on!

The pattern for this one is here.

In other news/questions etc, I was just wondering about wedding etiquette. What time are you supposed to turn up? The time stated on the invite, or a little earlier? I've got a wedding to go to on Saturday and so far I've only been to two weddings (both my uncles) so I'm not quite sure of the rules!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Craftster Meet

Yesterday I went into the city to meet up with some other Melbourne craftsters. We met up at Max Brenner's (Mmmmm, hot chocolates) and ended up talking about crafting and other random things.

Everyone, apart from me, brought along knitting, (I took some embroidery) and it was great to see the variety of projects. There was a bag, a shawl, a scarf and a blanket (or a block from the blanket). It was really good to be able to meet other crafty people rather than just seeing stuff on the internet (although that's good too!).

Friday, May 25, 2007

Fulled Bag

Using some of the left over wool from my Frou Frou, and the gorgeous stuff Librarylass sent me, I made this crocheted sunglass holder (at least that was the plan).
This out of focus shot (I was impatient to start fulling) was after it was crocheted:

And this is after fulling:

I started off hand fulling but it didn't shrink much, so then I tossed it in the washing machine (which helped but not quite as much as I wanted), and then I tossed it in again and then it was perfect sunglasses size! Then with the addition of one of my vintage buttons it was done!

No pattern, just single crochet with randomly placed stripes until I had something that was about 1/3 bigger than I wanted it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

12 inch square CAL: April experienced square

Almost up to the current month with the craftster CAL! Hopefully I'll only be one (or even none!) behind when it gets to June.

The pattern for this one is here.

Monday, May 21, 2007

12 inch square CAL: April easy square

Getting there on thecraftster CAL this is the April Easy Square. I figure if I'm crocheting the May squares in May then I've caught up!

The pattern is here.

Friday, May 18, 2007

12 inch CAL - March experienced square

Catching up on the craftster CAL, this is the March experienced square. I have been laying my squares out in various patterns and blankets but still no decisions. I think at the moment I'll leave them separate and then maybe take some photos of various options once I've made even more and get some expert opinions.

The pattern for this is here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

12 inch square CAL - March easy square

With all the other things I've been crocheting and having fun with my sewing machine I've ended up getting behind on the craftster CAL.
This is the March easy square, and while the colours are pretty tacky, they do make me smile (so they can't be that bad!). I've probably got enough squares for a blanket now but I'm not sure if I'll make a couple of big blankets or a number of little blankets.

The pattern for this is here.

I've also been tagged for the seven random things by Librarylass so here goes:

1. I have this weird oesophageal spasm thing where I get food stuck in my oesophagus and I've had to have two gastroscopes to push stuff into my stomach. It's not just big things either, I've had cereal stuck (although that eventually moved by itself).

2. When I was little I was being a smart-arse and was reading a book upside down (out loud) to a teacher. She then hung me upside down by my ankles. It may have been inappropriate but I still think it's funny!

3. I may be a vet but I'm also a little bit allergic to cats. Although at my current job they've only just found out so it can't be too bad.

4. I learnt to tie my shoelaces through a dream. I was struggling with the whole rabbit goes into the burrow thing (that could be wrong because I still can't tie my laces that way) and ended up having a dream with a pair of shoes tying themselves all night.

5. I have almost no sense of smell. Sometimes I think that's a good thing.

6. When I was young I could have been an elite gymnast, but due to my short attention span I was already fed up with gymnastics (did anyone else infuriate their parents by starting sports, getting the whole uniform and stuff and then quitting after a couple of terms) and ended up giving the whole thing up. I don't regret it.

7. I don't drink alcohol. I think it taste yucky and while people tell me I just need to drink enough to get really drunk and then it'll taste fine that sounds a bit dumb to me. Anyway, it saves me money and makes my parents happy (because they have a driver - they drink)

There we go, seven things you may not have known about me. I'm tagging anyone who hasn't been tagged and wants to be. Have fun!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Look at the pretty colours...

Nothing terribly exciting to tell at the moment, so I thought I'd post some pictures of this candy coloured crochet cotton that I bought recently. No plans at the moment, but it was a bargain and the colours are lovely (have I said that enough). I think it'll be handy to have these around if I do decide to make something with crochet thread. They'lll maybe be used for bookmarks or something...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Frou Frou

I finished the crocheting for this a couple of weeks ago, but I've only just finished blocking it. Unfortunately during the blocking (possibly because I did it wrong) the main body stretched quite a bit, but at lease it just lengthened so it's still wearable by me.

It's nice and snuggy too, so I'll probably wear it a bit, although the sleeves do have a bit of a tendency to get in the way.

Sorry for the dodgy photo - self timer before I went to work! It's also a bit less grey, with a bit of a green tinge, although I wouldn't mind it a bit greener.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kilt Pin

Just a quick project, this is related to the other project I've been working on for a few weeks, which hopefully will be posted soon once it dries.

I like green. and I was happy with the slightly random arrangememnt I ended up with here, particularly the bead on the end of the chain.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Toothpick holder

There are issues buying my mum presents, not because of lack of ideas but because, well, let me give you some examples:
1) Last year I bought her a James Blunt CD (I think it was for Mothers' Day) and brought it to Melbourne a few weeks early because I wasn't going to be in Melbourne on the day, but thought I'd wrap it and get my sister to give it to her. While I was there, she said she was going to the shops to get the CD, so I gave it to her early.
2) This year for Mothers' Day (next Sunday in Australia) I got her some new headphones. Last week, she said she was going to the shops to buy herself some headphones, so once again I had to tell her what I'd bought her and then she got it early.
3) My sister and mum both bought each other Pink tickets for their birthdays this year, so they ended up with 4 before they discovered it and had to sell two.

So as well as the headphones, I've made her a container for toothpicks, because she always needs them when we go out, and I've found a use for an Eclipse mint tin I've had for a while. Because of the location of the lid, it's not as easy to reuse as the Altoids tin, but I'll take what I can get in this country!

It's fairly simple with freehand embroidery and a random tooth, but it should come in handy, and at least it's not something she'll buy for herself!