Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Toothpick holder

There are issues buying my mum presents, not because of lack of ideas but because, well, let me give you some examples:
1) Last year I bought her a James Blunt CD (I think it was for Mothers' Day) and brought it to Melbourne a few weeks early because I wasn't going to be in Melbourne on the day, but thought I'd wrap it and get my sister to give it to her. While I was there, she said she was going to the shops to get the CD, so I gave it to her early.
2) This year for Mothers' Day (next Sunday in Australia) I got her some new headphones. Last week, she said she was going to the shops to buy herself some headphones, so once again I had to tell her what I'd bought her and then she got it early.
3) My sister and mum both bought each other Pink tickets for their birthdays this year, so they ended up with 4 before they discovered it and had to sell two.

So as well as the headphones, I've made her a container for toothpicks, because she always needs them when we go out, and I've found a use for an Eclipse mint tin I've had for a while. Because of the location of the lid, it's not as easy to reuse as the Altoids tin, but I'll take what I can get in this country!

It's fairly simple with freehand embroidery and a random tooth, but it should come in handy, and at least it's not something she'll buy for herself!


librarylass said...

Man you have been seriously busy lately!! embroidery, sewing... I'm impressed!

Lindsay said...

Thanks! I'm get one week day off a week now, and I find it's really good for getting things done. I do have to work some weekends though, but it balances out.