Monday, June 30, 2008

Stitch by Stitch Images - Issue 4

I do enjoy doing swaps, but one of the problems is making (hopefully lovely) things and then having to delay posting them until they've been received. So in the meantime (after another lazy break from me) I'll try and post some more Stitch by Stitch images.

We have a knitting picture today, really just on here because it's so unflattering, both in shape and colour. Possibly aiming to offend no one, it also pleases no one.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reversible Bag

This bag was initially made for the Australian Knitters swap on Ravelry, but I ended up deciding there were some areas (mainly the straps which were a (insert favourite Gordon Ramsey phrase here) to sew on) that weren't good enough to give away in a swap so that means I get to keep it. Muhahahaha! I ended up making a simpler bag for the swap (simpler, but better made), which shall be seen later, once it's been received.

I used this tutorial on craftster, which was very clear, it was mainly technical issues with fitting a reasonable amount of fabric into a small space around my sewing machine that was the problem.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weave It Menu Holder

First of all, I'll just apologise for the fact that this isn't a great photo. This was one of those gifts that was being finished as I was getting ready to leave (but then the photos was taken when I made the new owner give it back briefly!). It's a take away menu holder that I made for a house warming gift with 8 4" Weave-It squares sewn together and with a loom flower on the top. My half sister had admired our take away pouch and I'd just got my Weave-It's so it was a great opportunity to use it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Flapless Flappy Beanie

My sister's boyfriend asked me to make him a beanie for his birthday which was cool, and I've now been asked to make one for his brother as well...but that one will wait for the moment because I've got a few WIPs on the go.

The outside

The inside (slightly reversible!)

Ooooh, texture.

I used the pattern Flappy from Crochet Me but ended up using the Boy Beanie pattern for the top from The Happy Hooker because I was using much thicker wool which wasn't behaving with the start of the pattern. I also excluded the ear flaps.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Little Zipper Pouch

This was another quite easy project, a little zippered pouch to hold my small looms. I was going to do a drawstring pouch but decided I shouldn't be lazy and should use a zip. I used this tutorial and it really was very easy.

Now the only problem is that I've misplaced the 2 inch loom (still in it's packet) so I need good lost item finding vibes sent my way.