Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reversible Bag

This bag was initially made for the Australian Knitters swap on Ravelry, but I ended up deciding there were some areas (mainly the straps which were a (insert favourite Gordon Ramsey phrase here) to sew on) that weren't good enough to give away in a swap so that means I get to keep it. Muhahahaha! I ended up making a simpler bag for the swap (simpler, but better made), which shall be seen later, once it's been received.

I used this tutorial on craftster, which was very clear, it was mainly technical issues with fitting a reasonable amount of fabric into a small space around my sewing machine that was the problem.


librarylass said...

The handles have may been a pain to sew on, but the whole thing looks really lovely! The dark and light contrasts well :D

Elizabeth said...

I love your fabric choices! I have a thing for bags lately. :) Great work.