Friday, May 25, 2007

Fulled Bag

Using some of the left over wool from my Frou Frou, and the gorgeous stuff Librarylass sent me, I made this crocheted sunglass holder (at least that was the plan).
This out of focus shot (I was impatient to start fulling) was after it was crocheted:

And this is after fulling:

I started off hand fulling but it didn't shrink much, so then I tossed it in the washing machine (which helped but not quite as much as I wanted), and then I tossed it in again and then it was perfect sunglasses size! Then with the addition of one of my vintage buttons it was done!

No pattern, just single crochet with randomly placed stripes until I had something that was about 1/3 bigger than I wanted it.


kirsty said...

That's great!! Always seems like alchemy to me :)

Lindsay said...

I think it's just fascinating the way the texture and thickness changes. Although it was a bit weird when it initially started felting unevenly!

pussman said...

It looks lovely, but I do not understand how you do this. Is it something like filting??

pussman said...

i mean felting. I think??

Lindsay said...

Hi pussman,

It's pretty much felting, but I've read in a couple of places that if you felt a pre-knitted or crocheted item it's called fulling. I could be wrong though! So I just took my crocheted case and threw it in the washing machine (because the hand felting/fulling bit wasn't working quickly enough)!