Monday, March 17, 2008

Discworld Swap Creations

Here are some more things I made for the Discworld Swap on Ravelry

Some blank greeting cards from Death's Domain. The ones with the dark centers have radiographs from very small animals but look much better with light behind them.

A sheep coin purse, which contained the next item...

...Nac Mac Feegle stitch markers. These had interchangeable rings so they can be used on different sized needles.

A scumble bookmark. For anyone who reads Discworld, I can imagine Nanny Ogg has at least one bottle of Scumble secreted inside a hidden compartment in a book.

A tote bag, in Nanny Ogg's favourite red and white striped stocking pattern. This was a last minute addition, partly because my parents were posting it from Hawaii and I though it would be good if there was something to keep it all together. I also added in some Tim Tams and Vegemite.

1 comment:

librarylass said...

Man, I am SO going to have you as a swap partner some time! I love the bookmark, and the mac nac feegles are awesome. All in all, a job well done!