Monday, May 26, 2008

Stitch by Stitch Images - Issue 3

Now this one is a little less cute and more an idea of what not to crochet. It's bulky and unflattering. What I found interesting is the pose, which is really quite modern, as the model appears to be pretending to talk on her mobile around 1979 according to the copyright at the front of the magazine.

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Rosie said...

Don't do it!

I had a jumper rather like this once. It shrank in the wash to sit unflatteringly across the widest part of my hips - however, for unfathomable reasons, the pocket at the front went in the opposite direction, sagging and bagging open with a big gaping edge that got wet every time I did the washing up, without fail.

I looked like a disconsolate red kangaroo. Learn from my mistake, people, and don't even go there.