Wednesday, July 02, 2008

WIP Wednesday: socks

Yes, I'm making socks, and I'm pretty proud of myself too! The finished one is fairly dodgy and has some real laddering issues, particularly at the top. The second one is looking ok so far but I'm definitely going to have to do a better job of grafting the toe at the end.


librarylass said...

Yay! Socks! I love the faux fairisle!

Miri said...

Oh gosh, how did I miss this blog post! Oh yeah, I was moving 4000 km across this continent at the time. Anyway, yay yay yay for you making socks!! I loke the colour combo a lot. If you need Kitchener stitch (grafting) pointers, there are lots of groups on Rav for sock knitting. Cheers!

Miri said...

That was supposed to be "like" the colour combo, of course. D'oh.