Monday, January 16, 2006

'Pug' toilet roll holder

Well this is a bit hideous isn't it?

I was attempting to make a toilet roll holder that looked like a pug. Basically it doesn't, it just looks like a half crazed bear thing with really big eyebrows.

Anyway, it was supposed to be a joke housewarming present for one of my friends who likes pug's(she's moving in March, I just don't have much else on at the moment) and I guess it will stay that as I'm not going to use it and I would have gotten her something else too. Hopefully she gets the joke!

Pug toilet roll holder Posted by Picasa

To make the actual toilet roll holder I used the pattern from here.

Ears: (make 2) Chain 7
Row 1 - 3: sc in 2nd st, sc to end, ch 1, turn
Row 4: 5 dc in 3 sc, sc in 6 sc. FO
Join to head, then fold and sew as you wish and embroider edges with darker wool.

Eyes: (make 2) Use half a ping pong/table tennis ball and make holes around the edge. Sew on and chain around border. Draw in pupil and any light reflections.

Face: Sc where you wish fold lines to be, then embroider over.

There you have it, you too can make an embarrassing and ugly gift for a friend.

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