Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Crocheted Socks

I've wanted some hand made socks for ages (been drooling over all the gorgeous knitted ones on craftster!) but as my knitting skills are very rudimentary I've been looking for a good crochet pattern for a while. I did start one pair a while ago but I used the wrong yarn/hook size or whatever and after about 10 rows realised I had something with the drape of cardboard and so I gave up.

The pattern for these is from here and I'm proud of myself for making two, because I've abandoned other projects where I've had to make two things previously.
The second sock I did fits better because I made a few modifications, but they're not too bad!


missmeshell said...

fantastic! Ooh I want to make some of these too =) I think I would fare better with crochet socks than knitted =P

Lindsay said...

Yeah, the knitted socks seem very complicated, with 4 DPNs. I 've found it hard enough with my one knitted item using two needles!