Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TAST Week 6: Algerian Eye (plus a bit of a rant)

Just a warning, I'm going to go off on a bit of a tangent and have a little rant before I get onto the crafty goodness. If you're not in the mood for me being annoyed just skip ahead.

Anyway, on Monday nights I work until 8pm when work closes, and then I'm on call for the rest of the night. Several times I've had people come in late with their pets for the last consult or just keep talking, so that I'm there until 8.30 - 9pm. Normally that's not too much of a problem because I know that people love their animals (but turning up on time is always helpful, and vets don't generally keep you waiting as long as doctors), but on Monday we got a call at 7.50 about a dog that apparently was having difficulty breathing and it's face had swelled up. The owners of the dog had to collect the dog from where it was and then come to us, so it was going to take them about an hour to get there. It sounded like this could be a pretty serious problem, especially as the dog was a week away from giving birth, so I advised them to go to an emergency center (which was about ten minutes from them) but after speaking to one of my bosses on the phone, he said that if they wanted to come in that would be alright. So I had to wait at work for an hour (on my mum's birthday as well), to see a dog, that ultimately was panting a little because it had a belly full of puppies and had no facial swelling. And unless, I leave work and come back, I don't get paid overtime. Then I started work at 8am Tuesday. And while I'm complaining, we've also got a vet away today, so I have to work extra hours...on my usual day off, for a month. At one point I'll be working 11 days in a row.

Alright, rant finished!

This is the first of February's stitches for the TAST challenge, and it's Algerian Eye.

Unlike some of my favourite craftsters I'm not a huge fan of pink (I think I overdosed on it at about age 5), and while I was making this it seemed very pink, but once I washed out the transfer pen it magically looked better and now it's a completed bookmark I'm really happy with it. Although I think it is still a bookmark to use on chic-lit!


librarylass said...

Hope things improve at work, the not getting paid overtime sounds really hard and working 11 days in a row must be even harder.

Also your Algerian Eye stitch looks lovely!

Lindsay said...

Thanks! I'm feeling a bit better about it all now, although I am tired!
Glad you like the bookmark too.