Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anthropologie Inspired Shrug

I must say, Ravelry is fantastic, but I can see that with all the wonderful project galleries that I may end up with lots more WIPs and UFOs as I jump from one project to another due to the overload of inspiration.

Anyway, it has got me to retry knitting and although I've ended up with a successful project, I don't think I can call myself a knitter and I still love crochet much more.

There are a couple of mistakes in it, the most obvious is in one row of the stockingette stitch one the back where I've knitted where I should have pearled,or vice versa, but after all the times I frogged it I wasn't going back 5 rows, which is how far I'd come before I discovered the mistake.

These are all the attempts I made:
1. Thought I was doing moss stitch instead of 1X1 rib. Got past the ribbing and added 5 stitch markers instead of four. Frogged to start.
2. Got to the third row and realised my stitch count was off. Frogged to start.
3. Knitted first row with tail end of yarn before running out of yarn. Frogged to start.
4. Got 3 rows in, realised I was doing garter stitch and still wasn't actually pearling properly. Frogged to start, put the whole thing down and did some gauge squares, learning knit, pearl, stockingette, 1X1 rib and some cast off techniques.
5. Did the ribbing fine (and put some yarn through the stitches) did the raglan increases etc well (with a small bit of knitting in one pearl section - oops, sure no one will notice) then stuffed up the bottom ribbing and frogged that bit three times (but not back to the start). Finally finished the ribbing, and then the sleeves (with no mistakes there).

It's made with Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic 8 Ply in Peppercorn.


librarylass said...

I really like that shrug! Pity about the frogging a zillion and one times. Nice job! What are you going to tackle next? Lace? lol

Asraf said...

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