Friday, February 08, 2008

Pretty Purchases

For our work Secret Santa, I got given money to buy some jewelry, so I went and had fun on Etsy (I can feel you guys getting envious already)

I love the way the wings slot into this so neatly (and I also want wings, personally I would love some big white feathery ones so I could fly around) but if I can't have that, this pendant is lovely too! It's from

Next is some mixed pendants, and they're all very lovely, from strandedgems

This one is called Love Birds, from Inspired Reflections and it's amazing how much of my stuff it goes with. It's also like wearing a sweet little piece of art around my neck!

Then there is this cute little pendant called Bookish, which is made from a scrabble tile and goes well with all the reading I do. It's from littleput

This final one was actually a gift from my sister for Christmas, but I thought I'd put it here too. It's a gorgeous brooch, and wearing it is like carrying a lovely piece of art around with me. It's called Jaala and it's by a Melbourne Artist, Nadia Turner at Wayward Harper.

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cinzia said...

what gorgeous jewelry. your have superb taste.