Saturday, April 19, 2008

Crafting gone wrong

Up until now I've been pretty lucking with crafting accidents. Other than projects that haven't quite turned out as planned, unfinished projects and the occasional poking with a needle it's all been pretty smooth sailing...or so I thought.

Anyway, I took Deefa in to work for his vaccination and heartworm injections and also some radiographs (because I'm paranoid, and he's a bit lumpy - all lipomas though) just to check his chest and abdomen.

Guess what I found?


librarylass said...

Ouch! Did Deefa sit on it? Or eat it?!?!

Dy said...

Oh my lord, is that an embroidery needle? Do you have to remove it? Yikes!!

Lindi said...

So what happens now? Is he OK?

Rosie said...

Oh no! did he eat it, or is it just tangled in his fur? (I'm not a vet, but at least it doesn't look like it's harming his internl organs...) So what will you do now?