Saturday, April 22, 2006

Going home

I had a bad day yesterday. It started off having to get up at 5am, and things just progressed from there. I made a pretty big stuff up at work, which to be honest could have been much worse but just made me feel completely terrible/useless/stupid etc and I'm still feeling bad now.

I also went to the laundrette to do some washing and came back to find I hadn't started one load properly. When I came back again to pick it up I'd left a tissue in the pocket.

Finally I had to do night checks, and everything was more difficult than usual which left me frustrated and annoyed. I guess when you get into a bad mood, you tend to stay there and be bothered by smaller annoyances than usual.

Never mind though, I'm going back to Melbourne for four days and so that should give me a nice break and time to refresh myself and I get to see my family and my doggies. So I'm really looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

Afghan Square Tally
Light blue: 124 out of 124
White: 93 out of 93
Yellow: 48 out of 48
Dark blue: 0 out of 20
TOTAL: 265 out of 285

I achieved my goal for this week. As I'm going home I won't be working on the blanket until mid next week but I should be able to get all the dark blue squares done, and then it's just putting the whole thing together, weaving in ends and crocheting a border. So quite a bit really, but I know that I'll get it done by my mum's birthday now.

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