Thursday, April 06, 2006


I'd love to learn how to tatt. All the pieces I've seen look gorgeous. So in order to learn I bought this book from a second hand book store.

Tatting book Posted by Picasa

And eventually managed to find a tatting shuttle.

Tatting supplies Posted by Picasa

Then I tried, I really did...but could only come up with something which I'm pretty sure isn't right. The instructions in the book looked clear until I had a go and ended up in a bit of a tangle.

Nevermind, when I've got a bit more time and patience I'll have another go, and hopefully I'll get the hang of it. I haven't given up yet!


Sharon said...

If you want to learn how to tat, check out the demos on my web site. It goes automatically to rings, but start with chains using 2 colours of thread. You'll be tatting in no time.

Lindsay said...

Thanks sharon, I'll check that out!