Saturday, April 29, 2006

Achoo (or My excuses for being slack)

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. When I went home I managed to catch my dad's cold (although he was claiming it was bird flu) and I've just been tired all week. Everything I did seemed to take more time and energy, including thinking of what to write. I'm not 100% better now, although the brain fuzziness has pretty much gone away and I've just got a bit of a cough, a blocked nose and the dreaded peeling of the skin on my nose from all the nose blowing I've been doing. I'm not sure how many people it happens too, but whenever I get a cold 3 or 4 days later all the skin starts coming off my nose. It's gross and unpleasant.

I did manage to finish all the squares for the Afghan and now I've just got to sew them all together. I'm guessing that will take a couple of weeks at least, but as everything always takes longer than expected my goal is to get it finished within 3 weeks.

Afghan Square Tally
Light blue: 124 out of 124
White: 93 out of 93
Yellow: 48 out of 48
Dark blue: 20 out of 20
TOTAL: 285 out of 285

I've been a bit slack with the photos lately. I like photos, but I promise, I'll put some up in some new posts soon. They might be old projects but that's alright. Either that, or I'll wander round and take some artistic shots, or maybe do a self portrait day. I've got lots of ideas now! If there is anything you want me to post about, or take photos off (no nudity, or shots of my sink, because I do need to do some dishes) let me know and I'll try to oblige. I'm always up for a bit of creative input.

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