Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Because I've been tired and haven't got my camera out for a bit, I thought I'd talk about something I love apart from crafts, books.

I'm a voracious reader, and start to go a little bit nutty if I don't have a good book to read. My favourite genre is fantasy, I find I can really lose myself in a well created world. I've actually banned myself from reading in the morning before work because I then spend the whole day wondering what happens next.

So because of my love of books, and reading, I've been journaling all the books I've read this year at It's really good, you can see who else has read the same book and what they rated it. Plus there is a wish list feature, although I haven't spent much time on that. There have been a few books I've read that the site couldn't find, but overall it's pretty good. So if you'd like to see what I've read this year (and a few more) click here.

Another booky thing is BookCrossing. It's pretty cool. You register books, and then give them away. I've left a few in shopping centers, on trains, stuff like that but I've only had one that's been found and journalled, but hopefully there will be more. I was lucky enough to get a whole box of books from another BookCrosser soon after I moved to Adelaide so that's kept me from going too insane but I'm about due to release some more. I've given a few straight to friends, but no one has journalled anything on the website, but hopefully I'll get some finds. The one 'catch' I got was very exciting.

My bookshelf is here

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