Monday, May 22, 2006

New craft goodies

I went shopping on the weekend, lots of fun! Anyway, K-Mart was having a sale on yarn so I bought some alpaca wool, and I'm going to try a felted/fulled project which should be fun. Although I don't really have access to a top loading washing machine other than one which is used for dog blankets, and some of them are pretty gross, so once I make something with it (eventually) I might try hand felting/fulling it. The other wool I'm thinking about making leg warmers with. I just love the warmth of the colours. It's so yummy.

Crafting goodies Posted by Picasa

While I was out shopping, there was one of those discounty stores closing down so I got some cheap beads and stuff. No plans for these currently, I'm sure something will inspire me though!

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