Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mmmmm wists

I've got in on the craze and set up my own wists list.

It's amazing once you start thinking about it, how many things I would love. I'm generally a pain to buy gifts for because when asked, I generally say "I dunno", but now I have a solution! There are a few things on there I'm planning to buy or make, but then there are also beautiful creations by other crafters which I know I'd never be able to duplicate, so they'll have to remain dreams.


LittleMissMeshell said...

lol, Wists are SO addictive! I got one cos heaps of people on Craftster had one and I thought it looked kinda fun, BOY was it! It's a great idea...mine is full of Xmas present ideas for my family to buy me, haha :P

Lindsay said...

I've definately been having fun with it so far!