Friday, August 04, 2006

TV Blanket

I'm very tired tonight, I've been working hard all week and I'm going to go to bed as soon as I possibly can and then I'm going to sleep in to an outrageous hour tomorrow, but first...'s pretty cold here, so I decided I needed a blanket for when I'm watching tv. I managed to get some cheap acrylic yarn for $1 a ball which was a bonus, and I bought up all the purple I could find and made this.

Blanket Posted by Picasa

It's made with two strands crocheted at the same time with stripes of white bordered with mixed stripes. It's done in triple crochet and the dimensions are a little random because I chained until I thought it was big enough...but then realised it was too big, so it ended up more square than I initially wanted it but it's a good size for in front of the tv, just not if I wanted it for a bed. Because of the two strands it's nice and cushy.

I've also added some progress bars to the side bar, just to get me motivated to finish projects I start (to be honest I'm not too bad), and also start projects I mean to, rather than getting sidetracked by something new (I'm worse at that). Plus it's satisfying to look at and see how I'm going.

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