Sunday, November 05, 2006

Craft Fair

There was a quilt and craft fair on in Adelaide this weekend so I thought I'd go to it and spend some money. Anyway, after I'd paid for parking and entry and bought three or four things I'd run out of money (I hadn't spent that much, maybe a bit over $40) and when I went to get some more out the ATM wouldn't give me any money. I should have had enough money in my account, so then I started panicking, thinking that someone had hacked into my bank account and I now had no money (it's a logical conclusion isn't it?). But when I got home and checked my balance all my money seemed to be there. Hooray!

So now I've got some lovely crimping pliers, some shiny new embroidery scissors, some bigger jump rings and some mobile phone charm cords (that was an impulse buy, everything else was actually on a list of things to buy if I saw them). I think if I'd been able to get more money out there would have been more impulse buys though.

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