Monday, November 27, 2006

My Spinning Wheel

Alright, so it was a bit mean of me to post my new spinning wheel with no explanation, but it was lots of fun.

It was pretty much an impulse buy, I admit, on one or two occasions I had thought "Wouldn't it be cool to spin my own wool?" but that's about as far as it's gone. I have never tried to spin, either on a drop spindle or a wheel. So anyway, I was walking down my street, which has lots of antique shops and normally I don't go into them because I'm sure I'd just find something cool and buy it, but one of them had this spinning wheel out the front and the price tag only said $35, and it seemed to work. The evil lady in the antique shop didn't even pressure me, she actually told me I could come back later or walk around the store and look around, so I bought it (that's why she's evil, she didn't have horns or walk around stabbing customers or anything).

So I got it home (where it looks a lot bigger) and it's an Ashford Traditional Single drive, and other than a little spring which costs about $2 it's ready to go (although I'm going to buy a maintenance kit with some oil and stuff too, so I really need to spend about $20 on it). So all I need to do is get some wool or roving and learn how to spin. How hard can it be?

Plus, I've decided that if I am a terrible spinner it can become a decorative piece of furniture, which will serve as a talking point, and possibly also somewhere to hang clothes.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love that last paragraph . . . I was in hysterics !! So how have you gone??

Cristina (rav: Stramenda)