Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Embroidered bag for my mum

I've finished all the embroidered tote bags for Christmas, and now I'm trying to think of other things to embroider, because it's lots of fun.

This is adapted from a picture by Jennifer Brinley called Jet Set II. I really enjoyed doing the whipped back stitch, I'll be using it more often. It looks a bit creased (even though I ironed it) because I didn't want to iron too close to the metallic thread because I may have heard it melts. I could be completely wrong but I decided not to take the risk.

This quote says, "The beauty is a indiscribable/inspirational? source of joy for that which can discover it" I think, although I don't actually speak or write French so I could have made lots of spelling errors or have it completely wrong. I spent ages useing BabelFish trying to find a good French quote, in French and hopefully I succeeded, otherwise it'll be a good joke at least! Except I found and printed it up in Melbourne and forgot to print the translation, which is why I'm not sure what it says. Oops!


kirsty said...

Fantastic Christmas present! Wish I was on your list ;-)

Lindsay said...

Thanks very much!