Monday, July 23, 2007

More Pretty

Here's some more gorgeous roving that Meshell sent me. This one is from Celia's Basket and the colour is Jungle Flowers and it's lovely and soft and ever so pretty.

The cheeses I ordered from Nundle Wool Mills have also arrived so you should see some spinning from me soon...and I may have also won a couple of lots on ebay as well so I better get to work!

I've just counted the Nundle stuff - and it looks like while I ordered a kilo, I've got one and a half. Lucky me!


librarylass said...

I can't help be slightly jealous by the fact you have all that beautiful yarn to spin. However! that beanie is gorgeous, I never knew that pineapple stitch could look so cool. Definitely

Lindsay said...

Thanks very much! I've done a little bit of spinning, just need to combine it with my camera now!