Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Post Office Hat

My sister kept borrowing/stealing the last beanie I made so I said I'd make her a beanie if she bought me the yarn...three months later she did (when I went to Southland with her - she actually works there) and I made this.

It's the Post Office Hat which I've been looking for an excuse to make, and she initially said she wanted something really lacey so version 1 (not photographed)got frogged because it had really big holes in it (by that stage she'd forgotten she wanted something lacey). I've still got enough yarn to make her a narrow scarf, but she has to wait for that one (as she got the beanie the day after she bought the yarn).

Done in Patons Caressa DK - lovely and soft. Now I've just got to make her a matching scarf with the left over yarn.

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