Wednesday, July 04, 2007

TAST Week 7: Feather Stitch

I'm really enjoying the way the TAST challenge is not only making me use more stitches, but I'm also looking at using different threads and looking more at designs.

While this week's design is fairly simple and admittedly I haven't branched out that much on the stitch, I have started using some Perle cotton, previously I've only really used the six stranded embroidery thread so it's nice to go in a bit of a different direction.

I ended up giving this to my mum as part of her birthday present and she really liked it.


librarylass said...

I must say that I'm really enjoying looking at your embroidery. I'm guessing that if you are doing bookmarks, you aren't using a hoop?

I like this bookmark, reminds me of the long seaweed you see in the ocean from time to time.

Lindsay said...

I have actually been using a hoop, just a small one that gets moved around a bit. Although a couple of times I've just worked out the size of the bookmark, embroidered it with a larger hoop, and then cut it out. It's probably only the last couple of years that I've worked out how handy hoops can be, so I've got a big collection of 4 (except that one doesn't work, and another is being borrowed).