Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Scatterday (only a little bit late!)

My creation

I had a pretty busy weekend with the Australian Bookcrossing Convention on in Melbourne (I'll post a picture of all the books I picked up soon) so that's why I've been slack with Scatterday and other blog posting.

Anyway, this weeks letter is C.

First we have hobbies and I went with crafts, so there's a picture of my computer, on my favourite site on the internet, craftster, where I waste spend lots of time.

Then we have pizza toppings. I did go to Max Brenner's on the weekend, where they have chocolate pizza, but no one on my table ordered it, so we'll have to go with cheese, on top of some left over home made pizza I found in the fridge.

Finally we have furniture, and a couch. It's all scuffed up because when my sister was little she'd climb all over it in her t-bars/mary janes/those sandle things with the buckles. Once she drew on it as well.


Michelle Watters said...

Well done on the photos. And glad to see you got the blog ring working. I started the wretched thing but cannot get it to recognise my blog!

Dy said...

You made it, well done. I avoid Craftster, it sucks you in and you can never escape..... :-)