Saturday, October 27, 2007


Scatterday JHappy Scatterday! Today's letter is J and we have our three categories:

Restaurant: a sneaky phone camera shot here (bet you can tell) of a Japanese...possibly restaurant. It was in a food court. I should lose points for the photo and the very loose interpretation of the category!

Pointy things: it's some jagged glass! I didn't break glass specifically for scatterday, but I did have to clean it up. We've just got a new outdoor table and we put our old one on the front lawn hoping someone would take it. Rather than doing that some (we're assuming school kids as it was between lunchtime and 5pm and we're near a high school) people turned it over and dropped a large rock on it. Shards of glass are really hard to get off the ground, particularly when there is grass on it...and it's raining (cue the violins). The only good thing that's come out of it is that I got a scatterday photo!

Sport: It's some joggers...although I suspect these ones have never been jogged in. Still it's the thought that counts. I wonder if these joggers have dreams of an afterlife where they spend their days pounding the pavement, or maybe they are lazy too!


Dy said...

Nothing like a bit a vandalism for a Scatterday opportunity! Well done on being quick with your camera, it's a great photo. And snap with the joggers!

Pennie & David said...

Nasty Jagged Glass but it made a good Scatterday photo :-) I think we need to see Joggers in action to be classed as a sport I think you should just jump into them and jog around the table Lindsay LOL You won't find any around here I have to admit... Joggers yes that play tennis but not Joggers that Jog that's for sure. Great fun, cheers Pennie

Christina said...

I guess that the only good thing as you said was you got a photo for scatterday, could have been a dangerous situation.

Michelle Watters said...

No points lost for you. Points added for ingenuity and on the spot photography. When it comes to Scatterday it's all about getting it done!