Monday, December 17, 2007


Scatterday D
Sorry I'm late again, and I also have to apologise for completely abandoning K (because it's now been completely abandoned!). Scatterday's letter for this week is D and the categories are:

Sewing: Alright, so I've got DMC embroidery floss too but I have been wanting to take a photo of this for a while because it is very pretty...and you get to eat Fererro Rochere's too.

Vehicle: It's a Decorated Car! I struggled quite a bit with this one and ended up going through all my photo files to find something that fit!

Touchy Feely: One of my babies, Deefa Dog. He does actually have the softest fur out of our two boys, and he's also got a bit soft personality as well


Dy said...

Snap on the DMC and the dog! I agree with you, groups of DMC look very nice together. I didn't know the rule about having to eat Ferrero Rocher's though - I must remember that one! :-)

Lindsay said...

Hee Hee. The box the threads are in is an old Ferrero Rocher box...which is why I got to eat them, those boxes are handy!

Michelle Watters said...

Excellent Lindsay and you are forgiven your lack of K's LOL. Now I'm looking for the S's.