Saturday, December 29, 2007


Scatterday Y
Today's Scatterday letter is Y and the there are:

Green: It's a Yukka, and one which sadly has seen better days. In our family we have brown thumbs unfortunately.

School Days: My Primary School colours were blue and yellow and this is part of my grade six jumper. When thinking of scatterday ideas I generally start off think of sounds and so for a brief moment I was considering youniform...but then spelling kicked in and I realised that would just be silly.

Animal: Again I've gone with yellow...but to make up for that I've got two pictures. First we have a yellow bird, also known as a weaver bird or weaver finch...with some nests the male uses to attract females. Apparently if the female is unimpressed she simply destroys the nest. This is a photo taken off my parents computer from when they went to Africa. The second photo is some yellow fish, from when I did a bit of work experience at the Melbourne Aquarium.


Lindi said...

Good ones! Very original.

Michelle Watters said...

Excellent Lindsay. I do love that Youniform thought - I get like that too.

Pennie & David said...

Yukkas... I have lots of Yukkas, I have lots of Green Yukkas but did I think of them??? No! Terrific Lindsay!

Liz Needle said...

My Yucca (Yukka) is dead, so I couldn't use it. I thought of Youcalyptus, but like you I thought that was going a bit far.

Dy said...

Nicely thought out! Yellow was a useful word for the animal category