Sunday, December 23, 2007


Scatterday S Only one day late today...I'd taken my photos and everything but just didn't have a change to get onto the computer. Today's (well yesterday's) letter was S and the categories are:

Christmas: It's Santa! I got this in the Second Annual Holiday Ornament Swap by Freshly Blended and Cake and Pie. I'll post more ornaments from this next week. I made a last minute decision to take part in this swap, but I'm so glad I did, I've got some gorgeous ornaments.

Beverage: It's some Stepping Stone wine. I got this from a lovely client to say thanks for looking after some of her dogs throughout the year...the only problem is that I don't actually drink alcohol (weird I know) but I'll probably take it to a party or something.

Medical: I had lots of options for this one, but I ended up just looking in my handbag and pulling out some needles in my bag though, so they're a bit useless!


Dy said...

Good ol' Santa, perfect choice!
Hey, thanks for the Xmas card and lovely little star, it's hanging on the tree. :-)

Pennie & David said...

I guess it's a silly question to ask why there are syringes in your handbag... I looked and there aren't any in mine! LOL

Lindi said...

Nice choices. Stepping Stone wine is certainly different to everyone else!
What else is in your handbag? Sounds like an adventurous place. grin
Merry Christmas!

Nola said...

Great choices! Love the ornament, and even better that it's a Swap one. Of course you have syringes in your handbag, doesn't everyone?

Kate said...

Gorgeous Santa. Great choices this week. :D

Lindsay said...

I was taking the syringes home to give my dogs some arthritis injections, otherwise my handbag generally has my wallet, occasionally has my phone, has some ventolin, pen, notepad, excessive random useless bits of paper, and sometimes a book.