Friday, August 29, 2008

Seed Stitch Scarf

It was my brother-in-laws birthday recently and as I'd noticed him wearing scarves around it gave me an excuse to knit one. I did start crocheting one, but I was using pretty chunky yarn and it ended up a bit solid. So I decided to knit my first scarf. I did it in seed stitch and because the yarn was so chunky it went pretty quickly. I also think it's my first knitting project without mistakes. Yay! And I used some stash yarn. Double yay!

It's very thick, warm, soft and squishy.


twolimeleaves said...

That's really nice Lindsay! I love that stitch.

librarylass said...

That does look lovely and warm, I hope the bil loves it to bits :D

Lindsay said...

Thanks! It went over really well.