Sunday, June 04, 2006

I've finished

I've finally finished the Nine Patch Afghan!

Finished Afghan! Posted by Picasa

Overall I'm happy with it but there were a few little issues. I would have liked the yellow and white squares to have a bit more contrast but I basically bought the yarn that was available on the day. Ideally I would have liked to use the yellow instead of the white and then a darker yellow but all I could find was really bright yellows which I don't think would have suited it as well. As well as the colour issue I ended up with varying tension on the lighter blue squares (which I did first) and based on the last few I did I went down a hook size for all the other squares, so some of the blue squares are a bit bulgy. It's not too obvious though, and luckily it is a blanket and not an item of clothing.

I've also decided I don't like sewing together lots of squares. That was the part where I started getting a bit frustrated. Although I've got a great sense of accomplishment now. Hopefully my mum likes it too!

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