Sunday, June 18, 2006

Leg warmers

Do you like my snuggly leg warmers? They are nice and warm (which is good with the cold weather here) and since I've made them I've been wearing them under my pants and they make quite a difference!

Leg warmers Posted by Picasa

The pattern is Lacy Leg Warmers and I found it to be reasonably challenging, mainly because the pattern changed for each round so I had to pay attention. I had to force myself to start the second one because of my short attention span, but once I started it, that one went a lot quicker because I'd pretty much got the pattern by then. I've got slack with a few 'pair' items, I think I've got a solitary slipper in Melbourne, and I've got a solitary arm warmer here, although that was my own pattern which I didn't write down so I might need to unravel that one and start completely again...if I get round to it.

Unfortunately I think with the yarn I used it doesn't show off either the lace or the yarn to it's best advantage. I've probably got enough left to make a panta, which should be nice, although it'll be quite close in colour to the one I've got so maybe it'll be a gift for someone. I guess I have to make it first! Hopefully that'll show off the colour changes in the yarn a bit better.

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LittleMissMeshell said...

Lovely! :) I've been wearing legwarmers non-stop this winter and they make such a difference dont they? Yours look so soft and snuggly :)

Meshell xox