Saturday, September 09, 2006

Beading Organisation

Do you like my organisational things? To be honest, I think the plastic trays with my goodies in them are quite pretty, so every now and then I'll get them out and just look at them. Does that make me slightly crazy? Or more than slightly?

Anyway, these are my beads. I've got more that don't fit, plus my seed beads which are in tubes because it's too hard to get them out of the squares without spilling them everywhere. So I need to buy more trays to be more organised (admittedly the other beads which you're not getting a photo of are pretty tidy. Most of them are now in colour separated bags).

These are my buttons (yes, it's probably one of the worst collections ever, but when I have a project that I need some buttons for I'll buy some nice ones), and other bits and pieces (eyes, charms and ummm...tops off drug vials, but I'm sure they'll come in handy one day).

And finally, my multi-coloured wire. It's pretty and in this little jar is very cute. The wire is actually a bit too soft and thin to do much with, but I used some of it for the wine charms I did recently.

So that's my beading (and a bit of other stuff) organisation. It's nice to know where everything is and to be able to see it easily. I don't actually have a huge amount of room here so if I wasn't organised I'd just be in a mess. Or maybe more of a mess!

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