Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Color Me Blanket Progress

I'm getting there, and look, no pesky ends. I've continued being good...and to be honest it is more satisfying than getting to the end of a project and having to sit and weave in end after end after end get the picture!

Anyway, I'm not sure at the moment if I just want to do one more crayon and leave it at that because that should be big enough for a baby. Once I've done the next crayon (which is green) I'll pop a picture up here and hopefully get some feedback, because laziness is no excuse for doing a poor job. Well, alright it is, but I don't have to use it!

While I've started the green crayon I'm not sure how long it's going to take. It's been a really busy week at work and everytime I pick it up I end up zoning out halfway through a row because I'm tired!


Christine said...

How are you doing with this blanket? I've been thinking about giving this a whirl, but I wasn't sure how committed you'd have to be to get it done. Let me know! Thanks!

Lindsay said...

Hi christine,

The first three crayons took me about a week each, which really involved crocheting while I was watching television for a few hours each night. At the moment I've been on the green crayon for about three weeks but I've been out a bit more and more tired so I haven't worked on it nearly as much.

The slowest part seems to be the oval on the crayons, with all the colour changes. I seem to have got the hang of weaving in all the ends now so that shouldn't be too much of a problem once I've finished this crayon.

Hopefully I'll finish the green crayon this week or early next week and then I'll post an updated photo.



Christine said...

Looking forward to seeing how you do Lindsay! I happened on your blog yesterday and I really love it. I'm a crochet & craft-a-holic too. :-)

Lindsay said...

Thanks christine. I'll post an update soon, I promise!

noricum said...

You shouldn't have a lot of ends with the oval, just two at the beginning, and two at the end. Basically, while working on the oval, I had three balls of yarn attached, and worked the oval like intarsia in knitting.