Thursday, September 28, 2006

Color Me Blanket - Completed!

It's finished. Ok, so I didn't do two of the crayons but this is definately big enough for a new born.

I'm looking forward to starting some new projects now. I think I'll do some nice small easily finished ones!


LittleMissMeshell said...

That is so cute! Let's hope it helps him turn out crafty =P xox

Lindsay said...

Oooops, did I say it was a he? I've been assuming that it is because my aunt and uncle already have four boys between them (my uncles life is a soap opera) but I don't actually know the sex yet. I guess it is a bit more of a male blanket than a female one though. I do hope he/she turns out crafty though.

Part of the reason I made the blanket was that my granny made crocheted blankets for me, my sister and one of my cousins. Then she got a bit sick of blankets and said she'd never make any more. When my last cousin was born my aunt and uncle asked if she'd make a blanket for him but she didn't want to so I thought I'd make a blanket for this cousin. I embroidered a couple of bibs for the last one. Phew. Hopefully you're not now as confused as me.

noricum said...

I found you through ravelry... it's cool seeing someone make my blanket! :) I designed it big so that it could continue to be used as the baby grew. (But I certainly have no problem with you making it smaller. ;) )

Lindsay said...

Thanks noricum. I thought it was a really great design. Thanks for letting me know about the colour changes too, I've never done knitting intarsia, so I guess I ended up making more work for myself than was necessary. My aunt and uncle really loved the blanket when they got it so it went over really well too!