Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Case of the Escaping Mice

I went home to Melbourne over the weekend and my sister (in a terrible display of irresponsibly pet ownership) had bought a mouse at the Melbourne show during the previous week, with one of her friends. By the time they got back my sisters friend had realised she couldn't get a mouse so my sister ended up with two, which she was keeping in a cage which she bought with the mice.

On the Sunday night I was reading a book in bed when I heard a 'scritchy scratchy' noise behind my head. I carefully pulled back my pillow to discover one of the mice underneath. Unfortunately it disappeared underneath the bed before I could grab it. Having a secret mean streak within me I took great delight in waking up my sister to get her to help me catch it. Eventually, following the trail of poo we realised it had gone into my cupboard...not the best place for a mouse with all the stuff on the floor (shoes, books, a box of fancy dress stuff, a box of stuffed toys). We managed to find it and trap it in a corner but then it got away and disappeared. So my sister decided to sleep downstairs and I went back to bed.

The next morning the second mouse had also disappeared (I think they managed to fit through the bars, mice can do that!) so we kind of assumed the mice were lost but left the cage door open 'just in case'. A couple of hours later the mouse that had been in my bedroom was back in the cage. While I was catching that one to put it in a new house I saw the other one run under my sisters bed and managed to catch it (all by myself as my sister was at university). By this time my sister had decided she no longer wanted mice and her friend picked them up later that afternoon, having found someone else who would have them.

The moral of the story - pet ownership is a serious responsibility or a lesson in how to annoy your older sister.


LittleMissMeshell said...

I was going to say that I hope they were both the same sex! (before I read that they were taken away anyway =P). They might have snuck of for some you know what! lol.

I just remember in Science in highschool we had mice and they had about 10 million babies before the semester was over =P

Lindsay said...

I'm pretty sure they were both the same sex. I actually checked on the Saturday after I got home and the ano-genital distance was the same on both of them (quite short so they were both female), because I think there can be something a little dodgy about pet sellers at shows! I think mum and dad would have been even less pleased if the mouse population exploded!