Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bookcrossing Convention

The 2006 Australian Bookcrossing Convention was on in Adelaide this weekend and I went, and had lots of fun. I've ended up with 13 or 14 more books, a DVD, a CD, and lots of new friends.

I released quite a few books (nearly 30, some at the Convention, and some on the streets of Adelaide) and I've got a few good catches.

This is my favourite:

I saw someone stop outside my place of business, and gathered around it, then I went outside to see what they where looking at and found the book. This morning on Sunrise they had been talking about book crossing and now I am experiencing it, I think that's great I will definetly read the book and leave it somewhere for someone else to befriend it.


But I also like this one:

Found at the Adelaide BC Convention. (Actually, picked up on the sea - wall at Glenelg) I've been looking for this book for years!

It's lots of fun passing books on!

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