Saturday, October 14, 2006

Alcoholic embroidery

This year I've decided rather than wrapping gifts for my immediate family, I'd give them in embroidered tote bags. It's more personal, long lasting and much better for the environment.

I started off with my dad's, because for once it was reasonably easy to think of what to do (I'm still not sure about the gift, but nevermind that!).

So here it it, my own design and other than a few creases that need to be ironed out a bit better I'm pretty pleased with it. I suspect it will get more creased when actually used so maybe I won't worry too much about it. It's actually a bit straighter than it appears in the first photo though.

I've decided to use a Needlecrafter design for my granny but I'm having trouble with ideas for my mum and sister so any suggestions would be fantastic.

Mum: she's currently studying French, so I was thinking something along those lines. If I can't think of anything I'll probably do the Eiffel tower but I'd rather a little cartoon or something in French (maybe something from a school French textbook if anyone has anything they could send me? My mum's books don't have anything I've found useful and they're in another state). Either that or a platter with french bread and cheeses and wine, but I'm not really confident designing that one myself, it's a little complex.

Sister: She's into all the brand names and stuff so anything too unique would probably be left in the cupboard. While she likes to go out, she's fairly health conscious (she's studying nutrition), the bag might get used for going to the gym.. Her favourite colour is blue. She doesn't really read. At the moment ideas I have are a mouse or mice (read the mouse post!), cute anthropomorphic fruits and vegies, a retro style cocktail image, although I haven't found anything specific just yet.

Please help me with these ones!


littlemissmeshell said...

What I did when I was looking for things to embroider for these hotpacks for my parents last christmas (they are buried somewhere within my blog, LOL) is search through free clipart sites and also in google for "whatever-it-is-I-want clipart". Then I traced them to use as embroidery patterns, there is a ton of stuff out there if you have the time to sift through it all! heh =)

Lindsay said...

Hey Meshell,

Thanks! I've actually looked for clip art and colouring books too. I think I've found a good picture for my sister but I'm still having problems finding something I like for my mum. I think it's because I'm trying to find something in another language (that I don't speak!). The only French things I've really found were pictures with the french word below them and I was looking for something a bit more comic strip like I guess. I think I've spent a couple of hours looking for something so far. I have found a good French quote to put on the back though!


skyrocketstar said...

Omg, I absolutely LOVE the alcohol embroidery!! Great work!!! :) Btw, hello Craftster Blog Ring neighbor! I clicked on "Next" and came to your blog! *waves*

Lindsay said...

Thanks skyrocketstar! I really enjoyed doing that embroidery.

And hi Craftster blog ring neighbour!