Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bird embroidery

This is the tote bag I've made for my granny to put her Christmas gifts in. The design is from Needlecrafter, which has some great free designs. I love the vintage look of this one, it just kept growing on me as I worked on it.

It was the first time I did lazy daisy stitches and on some of the flowers you can tell. Unfortunately as well, I included central flower beads on the same piece of thread as the petals and when I washed out the design outline some of the beads have pulled on the thread a bit, making the flowers even more uneven. I've adjusted them now, but they'll probably do it again. I guess I've learnt my lesson, and hopefully someone else will learn from my mistakes!

I'm just doing embroidery on one side of this bag, rather than a double sided one like the last.


LittleMissMeshell said...

Absolutely beautiful and adorable! =)

Christine said...

I've used that pattern before and I love it too. The colours you used are great and I really like the beads in the centre of the flowers. :)

Lindsay said...

Thanks very much!