Saturday, December 09, 2006

Birthday Goodies

So these are the lovely goodies that Meshell sent me for my birthday. At least I hope it's all of them, I had to round them up from around the house!

There's a gorgeous card, one of her world famous pincushions (how lucky am I?), a Christmas decoration (that I thought looked gorgeous in her blog, but is even cuter in real life), some shrinky-dink (I've been dying to play with some), a yummy Chewy Choc Chip Slice recipe card(doesn't the name just sound delicious!), some trims and some lollies, (and I may have puffed up the bag just a little to hide the lollies that have already been eaten!), including some caramel apple pops which from the sound of them, I'm surprised Meshell managed to give any away!

So thanks very much Meshell, it's all fantastic!

Edit: The Caramel Apple Pops are REALLY good. It's lucky this is typed because otherwise I'd just be saying "Mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmm MMMMMMMMM mmmmmm!"


littlemissmeshell said...

Hehe, so glad you liked your little package (and that I found out when your bday was just in time!). I'm SO sorry that I've gotten you addicted to caramel apple pops, I should have known that would happen, LOL.
Hope you had a wonderful day! xox

PS the slice is my faaaaavourite =)

Lindsay said...

Yeah, I loved it! Don't worry about getting me addicted to caramel apple pops, it's always one type of lolly or chocolate with me!

I had a great day, mum and dad have left now but I feel like I've just been eating since they got here.

I can't wait to make the slice. I'll probably be addicted to that one too!