Monday, December 11, 2006

Coptic books

This is a pretty old project (over a year old in fact!) but I figured I may as well post it. When I graduated university I wanted to give my friends something special, so I made them all coptic books, that they could either get people to sign, or could do whatever they wanted with them.

Some of them had bookmarks and others didn't, but did have small images scattered throughout the pages. I tried to personalise them all but it did get hard by the end.

The monster one was mine, and when you opened it's mouth my photo was in there. Coincidentally the one with the map was a map of Hong Kong and after I made it that particular friend unexpectedly ended up getting a job in Hong Kong and is living there now. Spooky hey?

The one with the leopard print and lace was actually for a guy, but he came to one end of lectures fancy dress day in drag, and it was a little scary how pretty a girl he was. The sailor one is for a friend who came to another end of lectures fancy dress day as an extremely gay sailor.

None of the other covers have particularly good stories to go with them, but they were lots of fun to make and went over really well.


Shell said...

Wow, you made lots of them! I haven't tried coptic binding yet, but I've done another kind of binding (not sure what it is called - eeek!) using ribbons and those books turned out really nice. Love all the crazy covers - your monster one is the bomb!

Lindsay said...

Thanks very much. By the end, it felt like I made lots of them! They were lots of fun though, and it was interesting and challenging to come up with so many different covers. I'm glad you like them.

librarylass said...

Very awesome books and I love the stuff you recieved from the aussie swap! Am so wisting that felted turtle!!!

Lindsay said...

Yeah, I love that felted turtle. I think if I hadn't got it, I'd be wisting it!