Saturday, December 23, 2006

Swap Goodies

So, I've just done my second swap on, and it was my first swap where I had to craft something. It was the Aussie 2006 Xmas card with small gifts swap.

My partner chose an embroidered tote bag, but I had to cheat a little and get someone else to make the bag, so while I was waiting for that I made a little amigurumi birdie. Isn't it plump and cute?

So, as well as the bird, I embroidered the bag (that bit was all me) and then I had to send it off (I think that was the hardest bit). I guess the thing is though, that if I didn't want to keep the bag (and the bird), I wouldn't be happy with the job I'd done and I wouldn't want to send it off.

I also included some FruChocs (apparently they're only available in SA) and some x-rays (because I can get hold of them fairly easily, but most people can't) and it all went over very well. Yay!


librarylass said...

I'm loving that amiguri bird, but I must say I really love that tree (is that an Irish knot style or something??)

Lindsay said...

Thanks very much! Yeah, it is an irish knot style tree of life. Most of the ones I found were more symmetrical, but I liked this one and thought it was a bit more tree-like!