Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sixes for 2006

So, it's almost the end of 2006 and what have I accomplished this year?

6 Things I've learned
Don't turn down any invitation (you can meet some wonderful people and it gets you out)
How to live on my own
Jewelry making
VERY basic knitting
That making blankets takes a long time and can be pretty frustrating
Good medicine practices

6 New People I'm glad I've come in contact with
Rosie - a wonderful Bookcrosser/Backpacker who has taken me to plays in Adelaide and who I've had lots of fun with
Meshell - a wonderful crafty blogger, it's been great reading her blog but
we've also exchanged birthday gifts (you get to open yours soon) and
Dr House (name changed for privacy!) - one of the doctors at work. Can be a bit of a grump but he's taught me a lot.
Dr C (name changed for privacy!)- introduced me to a lot of new people and got me involved in various things. Always has time to help.
D (name changed for privacy!)- made me welcome in SA when I was feeling loneliest.
S (name changed for privacy!)- makes me laugh at work!

6 New Things I've done
I've moved out of home
I've got my first real full time job
I've moved interstate
I've started using ebay
I've taken part in two swaps
I've given several talks to vets who were paying to listen (Yikes!)

6 Numbers
128 - the number of books I've read
121 - the number of blog posts I've made
60 - the number of projects (According to this blog) I've completed. I think there are a few more things that I haven't photographed though so I'm going for about 65. I'm pretty impressed with that, especially as it included 3 blankets.
13 - the number of times I've been on a plane
3 - the number of things I've won(roving, yarn and a book/DVD pack)
1 - the number of times I've watched all Angel episodes

So that's a bit about my year, I hope everyone else has had a good one, and I'll post some plans for 2007 in the New Year!


littlemissmeshell said...

Great post! I wrote myself a list of things that I did in 2006, it was fun, but I love your 6 things format, awesome!

You don't know how many times I have been like 'ARRGHHH, that's it, I'm opening my birthday present NOW!' But I have been so good and haven't (most of the time I've gotten distracted by something shiny =P). I need to catch up on everyones posts after my internet break which is still going...SEWING MACHINE! WooHOO! How awesome...I can't wait to see what you create =)

Psst...I've finished 2 quilt tops and hopefully will have finished quilting them today...then onto the scary binding, oh my! =) I'll have to add them to my list of things done in 2006, tight deadline of tonight! LOL

Have a wonderful new years! xox

Lindsay said...

Glad you liked it! There were a few lists where I had to struggle for six points, but I got there in the end.

Those shiny things are good for distracting you though, but it's nearly your birthday.

I've had a bit of fun with the sewing machine. I made a rice pack for my sister and I put up the hem on some of my dad's track pants. Except that after I did that he gave me another pair of pants to put up, and they turned out to be the pants I used as a guide for the track pants because he couldn't be bothered wearing them when I put them up, so I think they're still a bit long!

Good luck with the binding, I can't wait to see your quilt tops!