Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I definately discovered once I moved back home that I have either too much stuff or not enough space (I think it's the latter because everything fit into two places). So I had a major sort out which took about a week (although I was doing other things like job interviews and wasting time too). I ended up taking a couple of garbage bags and some boxes to the brotherhood and I've got a shelf full of books to be bookcrossed, actually I think that should be two shelves. So now I have draws full of my craft stuff (not all of it, but the major stuff - I think I've just got fabric, fibre fill, acrylic yarn and a few other bits and bobs, plus equipment in other spots) which is nice, because I can work out what I'll let myself buy now!

This is the beading draw (did you notice they were all labelled), which probably looks the neatest, but they are all fairly well organised.

And this is my craft books collection. At the moment they don't fill up the entire shelf, so I figure I can accumulate more and move the other books on that shelf somewhere else later...of course I haven't mentioned all my non-craft books that I'm keeping, but I might just leave them out of it.


librarylass said...

Wow super organised! I'm quite jealous actually, I really should do a super huge organise binge, but then that would involve moving stuff around.

Congrats on the new job and the new organising!!

Christine said...

Fabulous! I just recently did that--I went to Ikea and had a field day with organizing boxes and whatnot. Now you need more stuff! :-)