Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wool Purchases

Here's some more stuff I bought!

First we have ebay purchases. I've got plans for the green, but the blue is in the undecided pile.

This lot is from Bendigo Wool Mills (or whatever they're called) and I was so impressed with how quickly it got here. The colours are nicer in real life, although the cotton is fairly plain, but it was similar to the shade card. I'm planning to make Go For Baroque from the Happy Hooker from the cotton and Frou Frou from the wool.


kirsty said...

The pale blue is very yummy :)

librarylass said...

All that yarn is luscious, and I'm also a big fan of Bendigo, really good bang for you buck. My only downer is they KNOW when you are on a freaking deadline and you are running really late and about to get a stomach ulcer, they know because they take a few days longer to get the wool there. I've never tried the cotton (don't like this years colours).

Congrats on purchases