Friday, November 16, 2007

Aussie Tour Embroidery Swap

I've got my apron back from the Aussie Tour embroidery swap. It was a round robin and I sent around pieces of an apron which will be sewn together at some point. First though I have to embroider a couple of gaps. That may have to wait for a little while because my to do list looks a bit like this:

Christmas Ornament Swap (I signed up at the last minute)
Christmas Cards
Christmas Presents
Secret Santa Gift

Then there is my WIP List
Mesmerize Sweater
Cocoon Bag (which is probably more like a UFO)
September CAL Square

Plus lots of non-urgent things too.

Plus I'm working lots of hours at the moment and I'm going away in a few weeks (Yay, a holiday in Bali).

So it might take me a little while to complete the apron, but until then everyone else's embroidery deserves to be shown off, so enjoy the loveliness.

This one is from jane feebles, such a clever idea (I had a craft theme for my apron)

This one is from sharre. You probably can't see the little needle embroidered with metallic thread, but I love little details like that!

This is from librarylass and it's three dimensional! Doesn't the stick figure have so much character too?

This is from cmc_aust. I wish my French knots were as good as this.

This is from Miss_Vicki, how gorgeous is the sewing superhero fairy, and the stitches are teeny!

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